Urban Renewal of Yantaishan and Architectural Design of Chihounong Plot, Fuzhou

Shanghai Conservatory of Music Experimental School Hebi Branch Library Interior Design

Kulangsu Center for Contemporary Art

Renovation of Shenyang Dongmaoku Warehouses

Community Center of Baishadao Financial Town

No.150 Chengfu Road, Beijing

Environmental Upgrade of the Front Area of Guangren Temple

Cluttered Quads Renovation in Yu’er Hutong

Two-in-one courtyard, Baita Temple Area

Shanghai Gangcheng Primary School

Xihoudu Relics Holy Flame Park

Botanic Garden of International Horticultural Exposition 2019, Beijing

The Grand Canal Creative Center, Tianjin

Industrial Warehouse Renovation Series

Pingshan Cultural Complex

The Environmental Upgrade of the Five Dragons Temple

Urban Cluttered Quads Renovation Series

Now Factory Creative Park





Tuanjiehu Community Center, Beijing

China Resources Building (Tower B), Shenyang

Community Building of Vanke Jin Yu Ti Xiang Residential Quarter, Beijing

High School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai

New Ecological Community of Pear Village,Beijing

CLOUD TOP Building, Tianjin

Beijing Future S & T Park Core Area Urban Design, Beijing

Tangshan Museum Expansion, Tangshan

China National Sinology Center, Beijing

Caofeidian Culture Center, Tangshan

Beijing CBD New Core Urban Design and Building design, Beijing

Yujiapu Financial Center, Tianjin

Tangshan Urban Planning Museum and Park, Tangshan

Maritime Art Museum, Dalian

Shanghai Multimedia Valley, Shanghai

White Cloud Temple Jewelry Garden, Beijing

Drum Tower Area Renewal, Tianjin

U-Club, Tianjin

Oct Life Art Place, Beijing

Shenzhen Metro Headquarters Tower, Shenzhen

Shenzhen Planning Building, Shenzhen

Digital Beijing, Beijing

CCTV Media Park, Beijing

2008 Beijing City Mark, Beijing

Sales Center For Grand Constellation Development, Beijing

Sculpture on Renmin Bridge, Shenzhen





2022 Space Design of “From Sight to Insight — the retrospective of Yang Mingyi’s art & documents” Exhibition

2022 Space Design of “Rhythm and Refrain” Exhibition

2021 Space Design of “The Art of Memory” & “The Memory Palace” Exhibition

2021 Retrospective Exhibition of Mingyi Yang’s Jiangnan

2020 Nine-Tiered Pagoda: Spatial and Visual Magic ③ “My Poet”

2020 “Homecoming” Exhibition — Uncle Wang Invites You to Attend Online Open Classes

2019 The Second Anniversary Exhibition of Liu Hongdian Architectural Museum

2019 “Space Rebirth” – Industrial Heritage Transformation Design Five-Person Exhibition

2019 “New in Old” – The “Urban Renewal” Thematic Exhibition of 2019 Beijing Design Week

2019 “Telling an East Beijing Story in a West Beijing Place” – Beijing Design Week

2019 “Micro-city of Young” – Unknown City | China Contemporary Architecture and Image Exhibition

2018 Beijing Design Week: Fayuansi Project – Green Action

2018 Serpentine Pavilion Beijing: MapGame | Forty-nine Stories in the “Four Nine City”

2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial (CAB) 2017 “Make New History”, Chicago

2016 Beijing Design Week “Open Heart Design” Exhibition—”Dragon Rebirth”

2016 “Maze of the Mind”, The Art Exhibition of the 35th Anniversary of Shenzhen Special Zone’s Establishment and the 1st Shenzhen Biennale of Contemporary Art

2016 Sino-Australia Design Research Dialogue & Academic Conference,Melbourne

2016 House for the Craftsmen-Beijing Design Week

2015 House for the Craftsmen-Beijing Design Week

2015 Projective Preservationism: Preconditions and Strategies for the Future of Beijing Qianmen Hutongs

2015 The Long Plan Exhibition, 2015 Beijing Design Week, Beijing

2015 “Sitting with Whom”, 2015 Beijing Design Week, Beijing

2015 Little Ant Shadow Play Theatre, Gwangju Design Biennale, Asia Design Hub-China Pavilion, Korea

2014 Chengnan Project, Qianman East Area Exhibition, Beijing

2014 Little Ant Theatre “The Pocket Man Shadow Play”, Beijing Design Week

2014 Architect Wang Dahong’s House on Jian-guo S.Road, Get it Louder Exhibition, Beijing

2013 Mr. Zhang’s Woodcut Print Store-Beijing Design Week

2013 OCT-LOFT Creative Festival – “Design Edge: Inside / Outside”, Shenzhen

2012 “Book and Architecture” Exhibition, Tokyo

2012 “From Beijing to London: Contemporary Chinese Architecture”, London

2011 Chengdu Biennale – Holistic Realm: Landscape/Urbanism/Architecture, Chengdu

2010 “Com-pass”-Three Narrative about the Past Ten Years, Beijng / Shanghai / Chengdu / Yantai



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