2017 Syracuse University, New York
2008-2009 HKU, Hong Kong
1995 Miami University, USA



Served as the member of Academic Committee of UABB for years
2019 AIA Shanghai Awards
2016 International Young Architects Design Competition of Major Cultural Facilities, Shanghai
2015 GSA (Global Schindler Award)
2014 GSA (Global Schindler Award)
2012 AIA Hong Kong Honors & Awards
2012 The FUTURE-SC2012 International Architecture Competition
2011 World Architecture Festival, Barcelona


Speech / Forum

2023.10.19 Lecture “Mini, Hybrid, and Collective: Alternative Urban Dwelling in Chinese Megacities”, UIC SoArch, USA
2021.05. OCT-LOFT 15th Anniversary Forum: City-Cultural Fields, Shenzhen
2020.11.28 Lecture “CI-village-TY, Co-existence – An Alternative Paradigm of the Future Chinese City”, Shenzhen

2020.11.21 ‘M+ International x Power Station of Art: Archigram Cities’ Forum, PSA, Shanghai
2020.04 “City/Village Co-existence”,“SELF” Forum, Shenzhen
2019.11.23 Lecture “City/Village Co-existence”, SELF Forum, Shenzhen
2019.11.05 Lecture “City of Co-existence—An Alternative Paradigm of the Future Chinese City”, IUPA Ceremony, Shanghai
2019.09.04 “New in Old”-the “Urban Renewal” Thematic Exhibition and Forum, Beijing Design Week, Beijing
2018.09.27 “Restorative construction” Forum Keynote Speech, Beijing Design Week, Beijing
2018.09.27 “Give tradition a new meaning” Guest City Forum Keynote Speech, Beijing Design Week, Beijing
2018.09.26 “Urban Re-fabrication/Urban Coexistence” Keynote Speech, Beijing Design Week, Beijing
2018.06.09 Keynote Speech at Serpentine Pavilion Beijing, Beijing
2018.05 Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (KADK), Copenhagen
2018.01.27  “URBANUS: The Research, Practice and Ideal of Urban Villages” Exhibition Forum, Shenzhen
2017.09.18 Columbia University GSAPP, New York
2016.11.11 “Why the next UABB is held in the urban village?”Design and Life Talk Keynote Speech, Shenzhen
2016.10.19 “Urban Regeneration Strategies for Megacity Centers” CTBUH 2016 Keynote Speech, Shenzhen
2016.10.18 “High-rise Buildings and the Environment” CTBUH 2016 Keynote Speech, Shenzhen
2016.10.12 “Architecture Genius•Artisan Spirit” Keynote Speech, 2016 Tsinghua Design Academic Week, Beijing
2016.07.02-03 Hubei Old Village 120 City Public Plan, Workshop+Lecture+Forum, Shenzhen
2016.03.27 Contemporary Chinese Cities’Transformation -“Building City Inside City”, Harvard GSD, USA
2016.01.16 “Re-defined the South-Critcal Regionalism, Modernism and Spatial Practice” Keynote Speech, UABB School Curator Forum, Shenzhen
2015.12.18 Dafen Creation & Art Carnival Keynote Speech, Shenzhen
2014.11.26 The Architectural Society of China Annual Meeting Keynote Speech, Shenzhen
2014.10.28 Chengnan Project Qianman East Area Exhibition Forum and Discussion, Beijing
2014.07.23 “Design for Shenzhen” – Shenzhen Contemporary Architecture Academic Forum Keynote Speech, Shenzhen
2014.07.19 “Urban Life Aesthetics” Shenzhen Special Issue Conference and Salon, Keynote Speech, Shenzhen
2013.07 “The New Wave of Chinese Architecture”, STRELKA, Moscow
2013.06 Innovation and structure scheme of high-rise building Implementation Seminar, Shenzhen
2013.05 2020: Housing China Symposium, HKU, Hong Kong
2012.11 Harvard University GSD, USA
2012.10 “Salute Cities-Design Practice of Skyscraper in New Century”, Shenzhen Urban Architectural Designer Forum Keynote Speech, Shenzhen
2012.05 Tunghai University, Taiwan
2012.04 Homecoming Symposium- The practice of Chinese architects, HKU, Hong Kong
2012.04 “Design & Public Forum” Keynote Speech, Shenzhen Center for Design, Shenzhen
2012.02 Berlage Institute, Rotterdam: A Decade of Urbanus, Holland
2012.02 K.U. Leuven University, Belgium
2011.12 “Counterpart Cities”, Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (UABB) Forum Keynote Speech, Shenzhen
2011.02 National University of Singapore -The 5th Conference of the International Forum of Urbanism, Singapore
2010.12 “City: Culture: Environment” Keynote Speech, The 12th Meeting of the International Council of Portuguese Speaking Architects Architecture Seminar, Macao
2009.01 “Social Energy”, Contemporary Communication Design from Netherlands – Shenzhen Forum Keynote Speech, Shenzhen
2008.12  Business of Design Week (BODW) Forum Keynote Speech, Hong Kong
2008.10 A+D Chinese Version Forum, 798 Ullens Center, Beijing
2008.10 Miami University, USA
2008.04 Abitare Forum Keynote Speech, Milan Design Week, Italy
2007.07 Asia Cultural Co-operation Forum Keynote Speech, Hong Kong
2007.06 WA Architectural Design Forum Keynote Speech, Suzhou
2007.04 International Forum of Façade Design in Contemporary Residential and Commercial Building, Shanghai
2006.06 Forum in China Contemporary ”Architecture, Art, Visual Culture”, Rotterdam, Holland
2006 AIA New York Chapter 3X3 Lecture Series, USA
2005.10 Hong Kong Chinese University, Hong Kong
2005.09 “Guangzhou Contemporary Art TriennialD-lab4 International Forum” Keynote Speech, Beijing
2005 “The Fifth International Sculpture Exhibition & Opening of OCT Art Terminal” Speech, Shenzhen
2004.07 “URBANUS, Beijing” Keynote Speech, Beijing Capital Theater, Beijing
2004.04 Chinese Architectural Design Forum Keynote Speech, Tongji University, Shanghai