2022.03.12 ARCHIGRAM: THE BOOK, ARCHIPELAGO online lecture
2022.02.27 Deciphering Poem of the Right Angle, West Bund Museum online lecture
2021.10.03 Utopia on Seats, Tsinghua University Art Museum online lecture
2021.04.10 From Pure Reason to Practical Reason, Architecture School of CAFA online lecture
2020.12.26 Ubiquitous Philosophy: Practice. Pingshan Library, Shenzhen
2020.12.17 Philosophic Thinking & Architectural Speaking, Roca Beijing Gallery
2020.12.06 Ubiquitous Philosophy: Experience. Pingshan Library, Shenzhen
2020.12.03 Inheriting Culture with the Spirit of the Times — Regeneration of Ruins and Daily Rebirth, Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources
2020.11.22 Ubiquitous Philosophy: Transcendenta, Pingshan Library, Shenzhen
2020.01.20 Interpretations of Modernism, Beijing
2019.12.02 AND THE BRIDGE IS CRAFT: Between William Morris and Walter Gropius, Shanghai
2019.08.25 Interpreting URBANUS by Wang Hui, Beijing
2019.07.28 The Code of Poems by a Legendary Architect – Le Corbusier and Poem of the Right Angle, Shanghai
2018.12.10 Lectures on Frontiers of Architecture: Poem of the Right Angle – Le Corbusier’s Code, Tongji University, Shanghai
2018.12.06 Architecture and Modernity Series Lecture: “Poem of the Right Angle – Le Corbusier’s Code”, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
2018.11.09 Lecture “History Re-storied”, Milan, the Order of Architects P.P.C of the Province of Milan
2018.03.04 “The Typicality of an Atypical Corbusier Project”, Beijing E6·BentuOne Lecture
2018.01 “4+1/2017 Thinking Behind Articles”, URBANUS E6 Space, Shenzhen
2017.08 “Heritage – Le Corbusier’s practice during Doshi’s apprenticeship”, Power Station of Art, Shanghai
2017.07 Sino-French Lecture Series | Regeneration of Architectural Heritage, Institut francais, Beijing
2017.05 “History Re-storied”, School of Architecture, Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Suzhou
2017.04.27 Lecture “History Re-storied”, University at Buffalo, USA
2017.4.10 Lecture Series for Celebrating 10 years anniversary of School of Architecture: Critique of Practical Reason, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou
2016.11 Lectures on Frontiers of Architecture: Craft – “Architectural Drawings as a Critical Craft”, Tongji University, Shanghai
2016.06.11 Public Lecture for Architects “Design the Everyday Life”, Shenyang Jianzhu University
2016.03 Interpretation of Contemporary Architectural Creative Thinking Open Class “Architect, an attempt of intellectual”, Tianjin University
2015.08.02 Series of Open Classes Held by SHUM YIP UpperHills—Development of French & British Gothic Architecture, Shenzhen
2014.02.22 OCT-LOFT Creative festival, “ONE-AND-ONE DESIGNERS TALKS”, Shenzhen
2013.09.05 “URBAN ENGAGEMENT: THE PRACTICE OF URBANUS”, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
2012.10 Lecture in Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, Xi’an
2012.09 Seminar in Leuven International University College: Sense and Sensibility, Belgium
2011.11 “The Joy of Design” Southeast university Academic Forum, Nanjing


Speech / Seminar / Forum

2021.11.27 “New Publicness” Forum, Shanghai Urban Space Art Season 2021
2021.10.15 World Association of Chinese Architects Forum
2021.04.07 Sanlian City for Humanity Forum, Chengdu
2021.03.24 “Healing with Design” Commercial Space Design Summit, Shanghai New International Exhibition Center
2020.11.12 2020 CTBUH International Symposium, Beijing
2020.10.31 China Architecture Design Expo, Beijing
2020.01.04 Architecture – A Phenomenal Landscape, Shenzhen
2019.12.29 Notre Dame Cathedral Paris: A Historical Tablet and A Persistent Passion, Shenzhen
2019.11.18 China: New Realities, AIA, Beijing
2019.09.12 “At Hutong” / “Re-Hutong” – Case Study | 2019 Beijing Design Week
2019.08.30 Book Launch of Le Corbusier’s Poem of the Right Angle (Chinese Edition) in Beijing
2019.07.22 Opening Ceremony & Symposium of “Accomplishment: the First Generation of Chinese Architects from the University of Pennsylvania” Exhibition, Beijing
2019.02.16 “URBANUS Saloon” & Book Launch of URBANUS Portfolio in Beijing
2019.01.20 “A Forgotten Master – Tung Chuin 1963-1983” Saloon, Beijing
2019.01.06 Wang Hui & Wang Yun Future Talk 2018 “New Architecture”, Beijing
2019.01.06 “Arcadia Volume III” readers, authors and editors meeting, Beijing
2018.09.07 “Design For Places Of The Future” Forum, RIBA Headquarters, London
2018.09 “Now or Never, Future Design Will Be Social” Forum, “Towards a Hybrid City”, Beijing International Design Week
2017.11 2016 WA Awards for Chinese Architecture Forum, Beijing
2017.10 “Wang Hui – Re-factory: Devalued Time, Upvalued Space”, OCT-Loft, Shenzhen
2017.09.28 Long Plan–Story of the Five Dragons Temple book launch, Beijing
2017.05 2017 Annual Meeting of the Architectural Society of Chian & 2016 Liang Sicheng Architectural Award Ceremony Speech, Beijing
2016.11.29 China Interior Design Summit Forum – “Design the Everyday Collective Life” Lecture, Tsinghua University
2016.11.03 Design for Qingdao – “Urban Practice” in Urban Regeneration, Qingdao Grand Theater
2016.09.29 “Friends of the Five Dragons Temple” Seminar at “Open Heart Design – Long Plan” Exhibition, Beijing
2016.07.30 Ten Talks and Ten Writings Book Launch Saloon & Book Signing, Wang Hui/Fan Ling/Ma Shirui/Zhou Yufang, Beijing
2016.07.29 Inside-Out “Architecture+”, Beijing
2015.12.06 UABB School—Human Culture, the Origin of City, Wang Hui & Ma Qingyun, Shenzhen
2015.09.26 2015 Beijing Design Week “Design for City” Forum, Beijing
2015.06.10 “Long Plan” Launch Ceremony, Vanke Pavillion Expo Milan
2015.05 “New York•Beijing•New York, Chinese Contemporary Architecture Exhibition” Opening Ceremony Speech, New York
2012.12 SINO-Korean Architects Forum, Tianjin
2012.12 Dialogue with Daniel Liberskind, CAFA, Beijing
2012.11 Asian GSD dialogue, Harvard Uinversity, Cambridge, USA
2012.09 Lecture on Architect @ work, Shanghai
2012.04 London Book Fair, Publication and Architecture: Dialogue with Wang Hui and Peter Cook, London
2012.04 From Beijing To London-Contemporary Chinese Architecture, London
2011.12 The Conversation: “SHELTERED: Does architecture and housing understand each other?”, Shenzhen
2007.06 Time + Architecture “Chinese-Style Housing” Seminar, Suzhou



2021.12 The Juror of 2021 Academy Award — China Interior and Environmental Design Competition
2021.09 The Juror of LA Landscape Architecture Awards
2021.04 The Juror of Sanlian “City for Humanity Awards 2020”
2020.11 The Juror of “2019-2020 Architectural Design Award of ASC — Young Architect Award”
2020.09.27 The juror of “2020 Dongnan — Competition of The Rookoes’s Award”
2017.05 The Juror of Far Eastern Architectural Design Award, Taipei
2012.11 The juror of The First Asian Contest of The Rookoes’s Award, Seoul, Korea


Academic Activities

2018.09 Fayuan Temple Project “Green Action”, Beijing International Design Week, front square of Fayuan Temple
2008.12 Annual Conference of China Design Education
2008.12 Hunan Province Architects Society Annual Academic Seminar