Nantou Hybrid Building 2023

Yuehai Community Culture and Sports Center 2022

Kingway Brewery Renovation 2022

OCAT (B10 Renovation) 2022

China Merchants Historical Museum 2022

Hakka School Rebirth, Chuangxin & Wulian Shangyi School 2022

Longhua Science and Technology Center 2022





Futian Shi Yuan and Li Yuan Landscape Design 2019

Gymnasium of SUSTech 2019

Headquarters Building of DACHENG FUND 2019

SHUM YIP UpperHills LOFT 2018

The Renovation of Guangzhou Mengsheng House 2018

Nantou Old Town Preservation and Regeneration 2017

Quad of Gourd – No.37 Luanqing Hutong 2017

Urban Cluttered Quads – Caochang Heng Hutong 2016

Library of SUSTech 2013

Longgang Chuangtou Headquarters Office Tower 2018

CGN Headquarters Building 2015

Futian Cultural Center 2018

Zhongdian Complex 2015

Artron Art Center 2015

Shenzhen Qianhai Exhibition Center and Expansion 2018

OCT Loft Renovation 2012

Nanshan Marriage Registration Center 2011

Maillen Hotel & Apartment 2011

Tulou Collective Housing 2008

OCT Art & Design Gallery 2008

Dafen Art Museum 2007

Vanke Experience Center 2006

Luohu Art Gallery 2007



Urban Research & Design


FU[+] INFILL PLAN, Shenzhen Futian Central District 2021

Urban Design and Renovation Concept of Chegongmiao Fashion District 2020

Urban Regeneration of Xiaomeisha Area 2019

Preservation & Regeneration of Qianmen East Hutong Area 2018

Hubei Old Village Urban Regeneration Research 2014

VANKE Liuxiandong Urban Design 2014

Baishizhou 5 Villages Urban Regeneration Research 2013

Huaqiangbei Catic City Urban Design 2014

Shenzhen Eye(Crystal Island )Urban Design 2009

Huaqiangbei 3D Street Urban Design 2009

Xinzhou Central Plaza 2004

Urban Design of Nanyou Shopping Park 2005

Study on Shenzhen’s Urban Villages – Fuxin Village 2005

Study on Shenzhen’s Urban Villages – Gangxia Village 2005





2017 Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture (Chief Curator)

2010 Shanghai Expo 2010 Shenzhen Case Pavilion, Shanghai (Chief Curator)

2019 “Home·Guangzhou Mengsheng House Renovation”, UABB “New Bay Trend”, Shenzhen

2019 “New in Old”-the “Urban Renewal” Thematic Exhibition, Beijing Design Week

2019 “Fu [+] Infill Plan”, Seoul Biennale of Architecture/Urbanism

2019 Saint-Etienne Design Biennale, Saint-Etienne, France

2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial (CAB) 2017 “Make New History”

2017 Skyline – Chinese Contemporary Exhibition, Curitiba, Brazil

2016 Aedes ZAI XING TU MU- Sixteen Chinese Museums Fifteen Chinese Architects, Berlin

2015 Projective Preservationism: Preconditions and Strategies for the Future of Beijing Qianmen Hutongs

2014 Mountains Beyond Mountains Chinese Pavilion of 14th International Architecture BiennaleVenice (w/Duoxiang Studio, Open Architecture)


2013 OCT-LOFT Creative Festival 2013 Exhibition “Design Edge: Inside / Outside” ,Shenzhen

2013 West Bund 2013: A Biennale of Architecture and Contemporary art, Shanghai

2013 Rediscover OCT-Loft Mapping Exhibition, Shenzhen

2013 Palace of China-Architecture China 2013, Segovia

2011 “Daring Design”, Rotterdam

2010 “Taking a Stance-8 Positions”, Beijng / Shanghai / Chengdu / Shenzhen

2006 OCT-LOFT Creative Festival Curator





“Trayscape”, Tray design for Alessi 2011

“Book Mountain” bookshelf design for BCA exhibition



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