Principal Architect and Co-founder of URBANUS Architecture & Design Inc.

In 1999, WANG Hui co-founded URBANUS with partners LIU Xiaodu and MENG Yan. After a co-management of the early work of URBANUS in Shenzhen, WANG Hui has been overseen the operation of Beijing Office since 2003, and takes part in urban and architecture design of the Beijing, Tianjin, Tangshan triangle area, the Yangtze River Delta region and many other cities. As Principal in Charge of Design, WANG Hui has designed Urban Renewal of Yantaishan, Kulangsu Center for Contemporary Art, Renovation of Shenyang Dongmaoku Warehouses, No.150 Chengfu Road, Beijing, Botanic Garden of 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition, Holy Fire Lit Place for the 2nd National Youth Games 2019 at Xihoudu Archaeological Site, Shenzhen Pingshan Cultural Complex, The Grand Canal Creative Center, The Design of the Five Dragons Temple Environmental Improvement, White Cloud Temple Jewelry Garden, Tangshan Urban Planning Museum and Park, Tangshan Museum Expansion, Drum Tower Area Renewal, CLOUD TOP Building, Tianjin Yujiapu Financial Center, Maritime Art Museum, Shanghai Multimedia Valley and High School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityShenzhen Planning Building, Shenzhen Metro Headquarters Tower, etc. WANG Hui is also involved in a number of urban researches, including Preservation & Regeneration of Qianmen East Hutong Area, Beijing Future S & T Park Central Area Urban Design, Beijing CBD New Core Urban Design and Building Design and Beijing New Ecological Community of Pear Village, Industrial Warehouse Renovation Series, etc.

WANG Hui is an architect licensed in New York State and a RIBA Chartered Architect. He received his Bachelor and Master’s degrees of Architecture from Tsinghua University, and Master’s degree of Architecture from Miami University. He is a council member of the Architectural Society of China, and a council member of Architects’ Branch at the Architectural Society of China. He is also a studio master at the Architecture School at Tsinghua University and a visiting professor at the Center of Architecture Research and Design, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. WANG Hui served as one of the members at the editorial board for The Journal of Architecture and other major academic journals. In addition to acting as a jury member and reference for numerous domestic and international major competitions, WANG Hui is frequently invited to give lectures at many internationally recognized universities and architectural associations. Moreover,  He has won numerous awards like the Design Award of Architectural Society of China, WA Chinese Architecture Awards, Architectural Record China Awards, THE PLAN Awards, ARCASIA Awards for Architecture, etc. Having published many research articles, WANG Hui is also an architectural scholar who constructively interprets the contemporary society.