Hakka Dragon House College – Chuangxing Nine-year School (In Process)


Hakka Tulou Society – Wulian Shangyi School (In Process)


The Urban Renewal Design of Dongmaoku, Shenyang (Completed) 


Kulangsu Center for Contemporary Art


Community Center of Baishadao Financial Town


No.150 Chengfu Road, Beijing (Completed) 


Overall Design for Quality Improvement of Dafen Village (In Process)


FU[+] INFILL PLAN, Shenzhen Futian Central District


Longhua Science and Technology Center, Shenzhen (In Process)


Hefei Luogang Airport Renovation


整体鸟瞰_调色 1600

Shitizhai Ancient Village Preservation and Regeneration (In Process)


Two Pavilions in Jingmi Park (Completed) 2020


都市实践 北中轴 @张超 20190927 4p-2 cut

Futian Shi Yuan and Li Yuan Landscape Design ( Completed)  2019


The Grand Canal Creative Center (Completed)  2018


Gymnasium of South University of Science and Technology (Completed)  2019



Two-in-one courtyard, Baita Temple Area (Completed)  2019